Subsequently and Furthermore is a small company that develops User-Facing Software for iPhone and Mac OS X. S&F also provides writing and speaking expertise on these topics.

Who Is S&F?

Chris Adamson, President and "Director of Code and Media", has been developing software professionally since 1997, focusing on client-side GUI development and media-distribution technologies. He is the co-author of iOS SDK Development (with Bill Dudney) and Learning Core Audio (with Kevin Avila), along with the catalog titles Swing Hacks (with Josh Marinacci) and QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook.

What I Do

I advise and develop solutions, with a particular focus on media technologies for Mac OS X and iOS (AV Foundation, Core Audio, Core Video, Core Image, etc.). Thanks to a wide variety of client engagements, I'm broadly experienced in most of the iOS APIs.

Previous client projects include:

I've also had several of my own apps on the iOS App Store over the years. I'm also actively developing my skills for livestreaming by setting up a personal livestreaming site on AWS and developing private Roku channels with that platform's public SDK.

I frequently speak at developer conferences, including CocoaConf, Voices That Matter, and MobiDevDay. Previously, I was the Editor (for O'Reilly Media) of the industry-leading developer community and of Prior to switching to the computer industry in 1997, I was a Writer / Associate Producer at CNN Headline News.

See also:

I also have the expertise to write about and train developers in cross-platform media development, with real world experience of what works and what doesn't. I also produce podcasts and video livestreams, which gives me an affinity to clients' professional media needs.

Contacting Me

Mail: Subsequently and Furthermore, Inc.
3702 Atwater Hills Ct NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Phone: 616-206-2515